Have You Been Called by 8553827828

The economy has been rough for the past few years. If you have received a call from 8553827828,
303-900-2933, 888-474-4888, or 909-568-0756 then you have obviously most likely been affected by
some hard times. Fortunately at www.kentwoodlawgroup.com you will find well trained agents that
understand how difficult hardships can be and know how good people can find themselves in a difficult
situation, unable to pay their bills in a timely manner. The important thing for you to realize is that
when you receive a call from 8553857828, 3039002933, 8884744888, or 9095680756, you will be
dealing with an agent that will work with you to find a solution to your present problems.


At www.kentwoodlawgroup.com we know that sometimes there are good people that have lost their
jobs and whose ability to repay their debts has been compromised. One of our agents may be able to
work with you to develop a re-payment arrangement that you can live with. The kind of high pressure
tactics that you experience from most collection agencies is a far cry from what you will find if you
have received a call from 855-382-7828, 303-900-2933, 888-474-4888, 909-568-0756, 8553857828,
3039002933, 8884744888, or 9095680756.

Good people that are going through some hard times should still be treated like good people. Instead
of being treated like a criminal you will find that we will treat you with respect and that we will work
with you to overcome your present difficulties. Don’t be worried or afraid. Let one of our trained
representatives help you with your situation.


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